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Bookkeeper Express Uses Botkeeper to Link PetExec to QBO for Pet Services Clients

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December 08, 2020 18 min read

Business owners in the pet service industry often find themselves wearing multiple hats to keep their processes moving smoothly and their customers satisfied. This is especially true for small and midsized pet service companies. Smaller operations that cater to pets can quickly find themselves spending too many hours on tedious (but necessary) tasks instead of focusing on building their business and enjoying time spent with their furry clientele.

Pet Service Business Owner Spent Countless Hours Managing Accounting Tasks

Bookkeeper Express recognizes that startup accounting is one of the biggest internal operations that take pet service entrepreneurs away from their core services and capabilities. Like many small and midsized company owners, a large number of entrepreneurs in the industry don’t know if they are ready to automate or even outsource bookkeeping. Instead, they opt to manage their accounting and bookkeeping needs manually. Coordinating manual spreadsheets is exceptionally time-consuming, exponentially increasing room for errors, potential business risk, and non-compliance concerns. 

Bookkeeper Express Helps K9 Kampus Connect QBO With PetExec Using Botkeeper

A QuickBooks Online strategy from Bookkeeper Express delivers an automated, dynamic DIY accounting solution for small and startup pet businesses. However, many owners are reluctant to move away from manual operations, fearing that QBO won’t integrate with PetExec, a leading CRM and database platform specifically developed for businesses in the pet service industry.

Sherry Ruohomaki, owner of K9 Kampus in Melbourne, Florida, experienced firsthand the disconnect between her QuickBooks Online and PetExec applications. Like many pet service businesses, PetExec plays an essential role in managing K9 Kampus’s day-to-day tasks. The company relied heavily on PetExec to manage its operations' four critical components: daycare, boarding, training, and grooming. 

However, not being able to sync PetExec with the company’s DIY bookkeeping platform was causing significant disruptions and delays in the payroll and accounting process. “I love using PetExec for the animal side of my business,” Sherry noted. “However, it’s challenging when trying to get it to communicate with QBO. Previously, we had to manually enter everything into QuickBooks Online. Inevitably, we’d enter something wrong, which can be stressful.”

As a long-term partner with Bookkeeper Express, Sherry turned to Rhonda, owner of Bookkeeper Express, for help. After researching the challenges pet service owners faced using PetExec, Rhonda discovered Botkeeper. Botkeeper combines artificial intelligence and machine learning technology with high-quality skilled accountants to deliver a full-suite bookkeeping & pre-accounting solution to Accounting firms and their clients. This online automation tool uses cutting-edge AI technology to connect bank accounts as well as relevant operational data, streamlining payroll applications for businesses across multiple industries.

Botkeeper Uses Advanced Technology Available Only to CPAs

The Botkeeper platform leverages advanced innovation that automates data collection and connects directly with QBO, expediting a wide range of tasks, including bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes. Most importantly, the Botkeeper platform delivers an efficient and secure accounting solution that grows and scales with its users’ operations. 

pup2Tom Farrow, a CPA and Growth Partner at Botkeeper, discussed the synergy between Bookkeeper Express and Botkeeper. “Rhonda has been a pleasure to work with so far. What makes the partnership so successful is a mutual drive to improve the lives and businesses of her clients,” Tom said. “A misconception we sometimes hear is that all of this technology and automation is removing the human touch. What Rhonda sees, as well as Botkeeper, is that it's actually the opposite. We love automation and technology, because it allows us to shift the focus on what really matters. Knowing the books are always up to date and accurate, there is more time to focus on growth, business advisory, or in many cases, just more time for the business owners to spend doing what they love to do.”

For Sherry at K9 Kampus, Bookkeeper Express’ solution, powered by Botkeeper, delivered a significant and virtually instant impact. “As a business owner, I’m tasked with pretty much everything on any given day, so anything that enables me to focus on my business is invaluable. Bookkeeper Express allows me to do just that. Rhonda and her team have set up and automated everything for me using Botkeeper, which means I no longer have to worry about mistakes and manual errors,” Sherry said. 

Sherry went on to say that “Our accounting system now runs itself, and I have peace of mind knowing that my payroll, bookkeeping, and tax processes are fully compliant. Most importantly, Rhonda is not a typical bookkeeper. She raises the bar on customer service, continuously looking to solve problems that even go beyond accounting. Her personal level of attention and expertise makes the entire partnership seamless.”


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