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Bookkeeper Express's QBO Elite Payroll Resolves Financial and HR Concerns

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November 19, 2020 13 min read

The fourth quarter typically marks when business owners in every industry begin their planning for the upcoming year. However, there’s something about this particular fourth quarter that feels unlike any other in recent memory. Many businesses have struggled over the last several months, navigating through a global pandemic and economic disruption. As a result, we’re all collectively breathing a sigh of relief, knowing we only have a few more months to endure before we can finally say goodbye to 2020 forever. 

Now is the Time to Start Planning for 2021 Bookkeeping and HR Strategies

As we start to look ahead at the upcoming year, it’s important to begin forecasting and budgeting. It’s also crucial to consider HR capabilities coming into 2021. The global pandemic has directly impacted HR requirements and needs on multiple fronts. Now, with the end of the year rapidly approaching, business owners managing operations of every size are turning their focus on both their bookkeeping and HR capabilities now to hit the ground running come January. 

Bookkeeper Express: DIY Bookkeeping Solutions With HR Capabilities

Bookkeeper Express delivers automated, DIY bookkeeping solutions to small and midsized businesses in every vertical. As we continue to navigate through fourth quarter considerations, workforce pivots, and economic shifts, our team of financial professionals are working closely with our partners to develop cohesive outsourced accounting strategies that optimize financial efficiency and compliance. 

Our CPAs and QuickBooks ProAdvisors recognize that, right now, many of our clients are concerned about meeting all current HR mandates. These entrepreneurs simply don’t have the capacity and resources needed to stay up to date on changing regulations and tax requirements. For these clients, Bookkeeper Express often recommends implementing our QBO Elite Payroll solution. 

The Benefits of a Bookkeeper Express QBO Elite Payroll

Bookkeeper Express’s QBO Elite Payroll services offer an ideal solution that minimizes compliance risks and financial vulnerabilities. Beyond supporting a wide range of bookkeeping functions, the QBO Elite Payroll service provides extensive HR support with no additional cost, making it an ideal DIY bookkeeping strategy for small and midsized businesses. 

QBO Elite Payroll delivers several distinctive benefits, including:

Easy Setup

Bookkeeper Express sets up the system for our clients based on their specific operational needs to expedite the process and drive user convenience. 

Tax Penalty Protection

Federal, state, or local tax requirements pose a significant challenge to business owners. This feature equips entrepreneurs with the functionality and resources they need to protect their operations, no matter what regulations they must uphold. 

24/7 Support

QBO Elite Payroll grants users access to payroll experts around-the-clock to answer questions and keep the process moving forward. 

Seamless Sharing

The system allows businesses to easily share bookkeeping data sets, enabling our accounting team to deliver the support you need in real time. 

HR Module

Most importantly, the QBO Elite Payroll offers direct access to a Mammoth HR advisor by phone or online. These HR professionals provide expertise and direction on essential human resources issues, including:

  • Hiring
  • Wages
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Benefits
  • Performance Management

Business owners also receive custom handbooks and policies developed to their needs for no additional charge. 


Contact Bookkeeper Express Today

Have you started 2021 financial and HR planning for your business? Bookkeeper Express can help. Contact us today to learn more about our DIY bookkeeping and outsourced accounting solutions. 

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